Prototype was the beta level for Dub Dash, at which time the game was formally named Wicked World. The level's components were most likely put into place into Sound Ward and Milky Ways; the decorations are almost identical to Sound Ward's.

Prototype featured a somewhat challenging two-strip-wide wheel section at the start, a short introductory plane section, an easy maze section, a longer and harder plane section, and a final longer maze section. It took about 2 minutes and 27 seconds to play. The level was formerly available for play on but was removed after Dub Dash's release.

Differences Between Prototype and Released Levels Edit

  • Select sections of floors, walls, and spikes are given stronger colours while the rest of the tiles are black.
  • There are no portals; smooth transitions guide the player from one section to another, and the wheel model is always used, even for plane. The wheel flies up into plane form from wheel form and maze form while the level reorients, and literally drops into maze form during bass drops in the music.
  • The music features audible and partially comprehensible lyrics; before the drops the line "Now why don't you just dance?" is heard.
  • Background decorations and lighting are simpler; the only flashing comes from light-boxes in the background, which glow the colours of the rainbow spectrum.
  • The player has multiple trails of different colours instead of one trail transitioning through colours.
  • The player must press space to start after reading the instructions, and the start is narrow compared to the official levels' starts. No arrows for help are given, so the instructions are important.
  • The ending is a simple black box entered in by the wheel in maze form, followed by congratulatory text.

Trivia Edit

  • The play-through of Prototype is still available on the Dub Dash You-tube channel, at
  • If Prototype was included in the game, it would likely be rated medium as it features only mildly difficult game-play.