Milky Ways is the fourth level in Dub Dash and the first level to be rated normal. It introduces the Maze Form, fake ceilings in the first bullet section, and wheel form facing down instead of up.


Milky Ways, along with its difficulty rating, shows a new kind of difficulty as opposed to previous levels, with confusing Wheel sections, tighter Plane spaces and faster Bullet sections, along with the new Maze form.

The Maze form, using all four directions, gives way to introduce already-shown forms in new directions. In this level, one of the wheel sections is in the south direction as opposed to the normal north.


Trivia Edit

  • This level is considered much harder than previous levels, even though it is not much faster and is rated only one rank higher.
  • However, Milky Ways is considerably longer than the easy adventures, even Sound Ward.
  • This is one of three levels with vocals; the others are Flying High and Dub Dash.