Massive Dance is the first level in Dub Dash and introduces the Wheel Form . It is the first level to be rated easy and the only level that is exclusive to one form (with the ship form at the end as an exception signifying the end of the level).


Massive Dance acts as a tutorial level for the player, introducing them to Dub Dash's unique mechanics.

Section 1 (Wheel)Edit

The first section features a straight track with some spikes situated on the right side of the track, this section teaches the player how to jump left with the Wheel Form which is used to dodge the spikes. Arrows are shown on the track with the majority of them pointing forward in the direction the player is travelling, with some pointing left to tell the player where to jump.

Section 2 (Wheel)Edit

The second section is similar to section 1 only that the spikes are now on the left side of the track and the player is taught how to jump right to dodge the spikes instead, the arrows now point right showing the player where to jump.

Section 3 (Wheel)Edit

Section 3 acts as a combination of sections 1 and 2, it is mixed up with spikes that are spaced evenly apart and easily jumpable by jumping left or right.

Section 4 (Wheel)Edit

Section 4 acts differently to previous sections, it starts with a row of spikes situated to the right where the player must hold down the left jump button to continuously jump the spikes. This section also includes rows of spikes to the left.

Note LocationsEdit

Note 1 (Wheel)Edit

The first note can be seen in clear view in section 1, if the player jumps the first five spikes then jumps right instead of left, they will collect the first note.

Note 2 (Wheel)Edit

The second note is found after the first three rows of spikes in section 4, if the player jumps left just before the fourth row they will collect the second note.

Note 3 (Wheel)Edit

The third note is found at the end of section 4, if the player jumps left before entering the portal to complete the level, they will collect the third note, jumping too late will cause them to crash into the wall ahead.


  • This is the first stage to introduce the Plane Form but it can only be played for a few seconds, the Plane Form is properly introduced in Flying High.
  • Excluding the ending ship sequence, this is the only level to face entirely in the forward direction.
  • This is also the only level where all necessary moves are marked - not including shifts to get notes.