Helium is the eighth level of Dub Dash and the first to be rated insane. It does not introduce any new forms or game-play elements, but is the first level to introduce flappy form in the left direction and only the second after Sound Ward to feature plane mode to the left.

Helium also features four difficult and fast bullet sections with multiple paths towards the end, the first three split by thin maze sections and the third and fourth by a long bullet strip in which the player can do nothing. It makes use of unique balloon decorations and features more bright light flashes and blackouts than previous levels.

Notes Edit

Note 1 Edit

The first note can be found in the middle of the first Plane Form section. The player must fly up and fly straight through a narrow lane of spikes and then drop down at the right time to get out safely.

Note 2 Edit

The second note is located in the second Bullet Form section. The player must turn right vigorously in the right order to get the note, and carefully memorize the upcoming spikes, since they are in a different format then the ones on the left.

Note 3 Edit

The third note is located in the final Plane Form section. Reminiscent to Sound Ward and related to the first note, the player must straight fly for a longer time than the first Plane Form section , and drop down quick enough to finish the level with it.

Trivia Edit

  • Helium introduces a new design for the jump pad. It is harder to see, but easier to understand than the two-arrow-marking pads.
  • Helium is the only level to not include a new game mode not including Flying High, since the Plane Form was introduced in Massive Dance, but not properly used.
  • A longer version of the song was meant to be used, giving the level an astounding 3:27 time limit, the longest in the game. However, this idea was scrapped and the short version of the song was used instead.
  • The balloon decorations seen all through out the level can be seen momentarily in Dubstep Rock.