In Dub Dash, different Forms give variety to the game and an added challenge.


Flappy Form as shown in the level Dub Dash

Each form uses the same controls which are utilized in a different manner which vary between each different form.

There are two main classes of forms - the compass direction ones and the platformers. Wheel, maze, and dual can be considered compass, although maze constantly switches direction. Compass directions are normally introduced going northwards. Bullet is technically compass, although it always goes north. Plane, flappy disk, and saw form are platformers and usually presented going to the right, although in Sound Ward plane ends moving in the left, and the insane levels have a large amount of left movement.

Wheel FormEdit

Wheel form is the basic form and is introduced in Massive Dance. It appears in all levels and is the only form to do so (unless the ship at the end of Massive Dance is counted).

The player heads down a path of a width of two to seven strips. Movement is by the left and right arrow keys. Spikes, harmful blocks, bounce-able blocks, and jump pads line the floor.

Direction is most often north; however, Milky Ways introduces south wheel form, and Dub Dash adds on east and west.

Plane FormEdit

Plane form is displayed going left to right on the screen in a platformer style. Spikes and blocks hang off the floor and ceiling and float in mid-air, and cannot be touched, save for the top and bottom of blocks. The ceiling and floor are also safe. Plane moves up with the up arrow key and descends rapidly if not constantly kept up.

Bullet FormEdit

Maze FormEdit

Flappy FormEdit

Dual FormEdit

Saw FormEdit