Flying High is the second level in Dub Dash and the second to be rated easy. It is the first level to use the Plane Form, and features an easier wheel section that is only two blocks wide, with green walls that can be bounced off of, and orange walls attached to spikes.


Flying High properly introduces the Plane Form to Dub Dash and gives the player a bit more challenge with the Wheel Form as opposed to Massive Dance.

Section 1 (Wheel)Edit

Section 1 starts off with a Wheel Form going slightly faster than Massive Dance's Wheel Form. It involves only jumps to the left and ends with a stretch of narrow path, leading to the next section.

Section 2 (Plane)Edit

Section 2 introduces the Plane Form, it leaves wide open spaces for the player to get used to the new form, with some blocks and spikes situated on the track as obstacles.

Section 3 (Wheel)Edit

Section 3 is a basic Wheel section, with various jumps which require either a single tap or several jumps.

Section 4 (Plane)Edit

Section 4 is a more challenging Plane section, involving spikes placed in several places making them difficult to evade. The player will fail almost instantly if they do not pull up upon entering this section.

Section 5 (Wheel)Edit

Section 5 involves mainly continuous jumps of the Wheel form with few single tap jumps.

Section 6 (Plane)Edit

Section 6 is the last section of Flying High and involves spikes on both top and bottom of the screen, causing the Plane to keep to the middle of the screen.


Note 1 (Plane)Edit

The first note is found in section 2 and is easily accessible as it is out in the open, about halfway through section 2, it can be seen floating slightly higher than the middle of the screen by itself.

Note 2 (Plane)Edit

The second note is situated near the top of section 4 in between a few spikes, it is easily accessible if the plane does not pull up at a fast rate.

Note 3 (Wheel)Edit

The third note is seen at the end of section 5, where the player must jump right in order to collect it before going into section 6. If the player jumps too late, then they will hit the wall adjacent to the portal which leads to the next section.


  • This is the last level to use guiding arrows in the wheel sections; from the second wheel section onwards, the player must figure out part of the map for themselves. The third level, Sound Ward, has no arrows whatsoever.
  • The lights and decorations turn on halfway through the second ship section in time with the music, although there is no formal change or point that the plane crosses.
  • This is one of three levels with vocals; the others are Milky Ways and Dub Dash.