Dubstep Rock is the ninth and currently last level of Dub Dash, and the second to be rated insane. It introduces the saw form, which is shown in the side view as with plane and the flappy disk. The saw flips its gravity each time it moves, and can fall freely in either direction. It is also introduced in mirror direction (left instead of right).

Dubstep Rock features very difficult wheel sections of unusual widths, and has spikes hanging unattached to any walls, only supported by the floor, in the early sections.



  • Dubstep Rock references the popular Geometry Dash's gravity ball with the saw form. Coincidentially, both forms are introduced in the ninth level of each game.
  • Saw form is introduced in both side directions in this level, much like how dual form is introduced in all four cardinal directions in Anti Headache. Also in coincidence, neither level features bullet mode, supposedly to bring the focus towards the new form being introduced.
  • Dubstep Rock is the third level to feature plane going in the left direction. Both Insane levels feature 'mirror' ship.
  • This is the only level introducing a new form to not feature a note in one of the new form's sections.
  • This also makes saw mode the only mode to not collect any notes.