Dub Dash is the fifth level and the second to be rated medium. It introduces Flappy form, wheel form in the east and west direction, background objects covering part of the ship section, and a bullet section with spikes as walls and at a higher speed than before.

Notes Edit

Note 1 (Plane) Edit

The player must fly low at the first Plane section, then pull up at the right time. This is extremely difficult for the level's rating, and may take many tries.

Note 2 (Flappy) Edit

The player must jump into a small pocket with the note and get out at the right time. This is the easiest note, and is easy to catch onto.

Note 3 (Plane) Edit

In the second and final Plane section, the player must fly above the "Dash" in the words "Dub Dash" that appear. The actual note is located on the end of the H. There's a thin space to fly in, so the players must use caution to ensure they don't fly too high.

Trivia Edit

  • The Flappy Form is a clear reference to Flappy Bird, the mobile game famed for its simple jumping movement.
  • In the third Maze section, a woman, then a man can be heard saying "Dub..." then "Dash". This is one of three levels with vocals; the others are Flying High and Milky Ways.
  • This is the only level to feature spiked walls in the one and only Bullet section near the beginning.