Anti Headache is the seventh level of Dub Dash, and the second to be rated hard. It is frequently considered sixth overall (this is true if Massive Dance is considered a tutorial). The level features more complex use of jump pads and shorter maze sections serving mostly as pointers to which way the game will point next (the insane levels ignore this guide by switching direction during a portal change).

Anti Headache introduces dual mode, in which each wheel is essentially controlled by one key, with a wall dividing the track in half to prevent either wheel from entering the other side. Unlike wheel mode, which was gradually introduced in all four directions, dual form is introduced in all four directions in this one level.

Anti Headache also introduces high walls and flashing lights near portals which impede the player's vision, and spikes in the maze sections.


Trivia Edit

  • This level and Dubstep Rock do not feature bullet sections, most likely because the focus is on the respective dual and saw forms being introduced.